Keith Geisler in loving memory...
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Words from Brother Kevin

t's the worst thing in the world when you have to say goodbye to a brother.

I had the option of seeing Keith at the mortuary this past week to put myself at peace. I thought about it long and hard and beat myself up about it. I came to an impasse when I remembered the last time I had seen Keith. Cheerful, upbeat and positive. He was smiling when I left him at my Dad's house on my way back to Tucson. Nothing could take the image of Keith's smile out of my mind and I'd never hope for it.

The memories he's left us and the image he left us was to suffice. It's a sign of how we move on after our loved ones leave us, bringing only memories and tears to show our remorse. He'd want us to rejoice for the fact that he's at peace. It's tragic but rewarding. If any hope is brought from this tragedy it's that he will never be forgotten for the fun, intelligent and handsome young man he really was. To embrace his charm and grace takes no effort, as we can see it daily in the pictures we see or the memories we tell. His lasting memory is fruitful and vibrant, of which every person in this room will be forever married to. Keith is looking out for every one of us out in the crowd today, what he couldn't do on Earth he is doing in strides around us. Imagine his thoughtful personality guiding and stopping us on our way through life as we better ourselves as people and subsume our love for each other as an everyday routine. What Keith espoused as a young man will be seen as forthright and eye-catching but it will never do his character justice. He is the wonderful son, brother and loving friend we had all grown accustomed too and he will not be able to take that with him. What he left us with we must borrow for we will see him again only to divulge what we have claimed and give him clearance for his undoing. We will all clamor towards inertia but my thoughts hold true, that he's at peace and will never be gone in my heart and mind. And I, like many hate the feeling that I may not have encouraged or loved enough but a quote comes to mind by Maurice Maeterlinck. "When we lose one we love, our bitterest tears are called forth by the memory of hours when we loved not enough." However, I will love my younger brother until life is over and onto the next and nothing can change this. I dedicate my life to the life he could never experience and live, for I will experience twice as much and help twice as many people in his memory. Bless Keith and his soul.

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